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Production Sessions

Now available at Mansion Studios, production sessions are the best and most involved way to bring your musical vision to life.

Tired of YouTube Beats?

As opposed to a standard recording session where you come to the studio with your own instrumentals prepared, a Mansion production session pairs you with one of New York City's best producers based on your preferred sound and style. That producer will then work with you to deliver a custom beat that you love!  

Exclusive Ownership

With a Mansion Studios production session, the artist retains 100% ownership rights to any material made during their session. Unlike a leased beat, there are no limitations for streaming numbers, radio play, commercial distribution, etc. Your beat will never be sold to another artist. It is 100% your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does exclusive ownership of a custom-made beat mean?

This means you retain 100% exclusive ownership of any content made during your session. There are no limitations on where you can sell, stream, or broadcast your music.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for booking a custom beat production session?

  • You must have released music available online. This is for a couple of reasons. ​​

    1. So we can listen to your music and identify and recommend best producer for your sound.​

    2. So we are sure you understand the realities of the music making process. Many first time artists do not understand what is involved or possible as it relates to music creation.

  • A basic understanding of music terminology is extremely helpful for us. Being able to describe things like "Tempo" and "Key." This is much more helpful for our producers than descriptors like "A vibe" or "Make it sound hard"

Can I request changes or revisions to the beat after the session is complete?

Typically, all changes and revisions must be made during the session. If you would like to tweak a beat that you've made in the past, the best way would be to book another production session.

Will my custom beat be sold to anyone else after my session?


Will the custom beat be mixed and mastered during the session, or will that be an additional step?

This depends on the time allotted for mixing, versus the beat creation and recording itself. If there is sufficient time to mix, your project will absolutely get mixed and mastered. 


If not, the best move would be to book an additional (standard) recording session at the regular rate. This way, you're not paying extra just to mix.

What is the process of creating a custom beat during the session?

Every artist is different, but usually the session starts with a discussion or music share so the producer can get an idea of sonic references. From there, the producer will work with you to bring your vision to life 

Can I choose the genre or style of music for my custom beat?

Yes! Mansion has an incredibly diverse selection of talented producers ready to bring your vision to life. Letting us know which genre you'd like to create ahead of time will go a long way towards pairing you with the right person.

Are there any additional costs or fees associated with the exclusive ownership of the custom beat?


What happens if I'm not satisfied with the custom beat produced during the session?

Creativity and taste is ultimately subjective and unique for each individual. For this reason, it would be impossible to offer a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with the outcome of your production session. 

However, we work incredibly hard to prevent this. Our producers are all incredibly professional and talented. In addition to this, we will work before your session to ensure that you are paired with the best person for your sound. Being as detailed as possible during the booking process will make this go much more smoothly.

Can I receive the stems or individual tracks of the custom beat for further customization?

Yes! Your exclusive ownership includes all track stems and project files.

How long does a typical custom beat production session last?

The minimum amount of time you can book for a production session is 2 hours. The amount of time it takes to create a beat is often just as dependent on the artist as it is the producer. Our producers are able to work very quickly, but might take more time in working with you to identify the specific qualities you are looking for. Generally, the more specific the requests, the longer it could take.

Will there be any limitations or restrictions on the usage of the custom beat I receive?


Can I use the custom beat for commercial purposes, such as releasing it on streaming platforms or using it in a film or advertisement?


Can I bring my own instruments or samples to incorporate into the custom beat?


What are the terms and conditions regarding copyright and licensing for the custom beat I receive?

You have exclusive ownership of the beat and can release it as you see fit. If your beat features samples, you would be responsible for retaining any necessary clearances 

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