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JBanga Beats, the 30-year-old Peruvian-American producer and New York native, is a creative force in the drill music revolution. Infusing his tracks with a distinctive mix of eerie piano loops, guitar arpeggios, 808 slides, and an array of elements, his sound is underscored by the tagline, "J Got The Bangas."

Collaborating with industry greats like Pop Smoke, Rowdy Rebel, and Fivio Foreign, JBanga's powerful sonics shines in tracks like "Hustlin" and "Double Texting" by Rah Swish, the raw intensity of "Murder She Wrote" by Young Chop, and "Street Professor" by Pop Smoke and Fetty Luciano.


Beyond the beats, JBanga's moniker, a fusion of his drumming roots and the initial of his name, tells the story of a rhythmic journey that began with a friend dubbing him "JBanga." In every beat, JBanga Beats echoes the pulse of the streets, where chaos and tranquility collide, creating a sonic tapestry that defines the cutting edge of hip-hop.

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